Who are we?

In Flamenco Lockers we want to help you enjoy the charm of Triana and the passion of Seville free to move your luggage from side to side. We are a brand of a multi services company and we love making things easy for you.

In www.flamencolockers.com you can leave your luggage easily, safely and economically while your accommodation is not available or you simply want to enjoy the best neighborhood in the world, its streets or bars without carring your luggage.

You arrive to Seville at 08.00 A.M. Your Appartment is closed until the 12.00 A.M and you don't want to charge your suitcase around the city because you had traveled during hours. Your solution? Come with us, we are here to help you!

We are here to help you. Come here, leave your baggage and enjoy of your visit.

Your baggage is safe here.

Rest without worries

All the proccess will be fast and easy.


Flamenco Lockers

For you.